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A Psychology Degree

A Psychology Degree

Psychology is a fascinating and intriguing social science that deals with the study of the human mind. Psychology is a broad subject that covers many areas, offering students plenty of opportunities to pursue their interests and passions. Should you pursue a psychology degree?

A Psychology Degree
Psychology Degree

Ultimately, the goal of the college psychology program is to prepare students for careers in clinical, counseling and applied psychology. Pursuing a degree in psychology can lead you to various positions in human resources management and organizational development.

A Psychology Degree

A Psychology Degree provides a wide range of career opportunities, both mental health and non-mental health related. Clinical psychology, school psychology, and industrial/organizational psychology are examples of specialties within psychology that may require additional education beyond a bachelor’s degree.

A psychology degree has been shown to provide a broad foundation of knowledge and multiple skill sets that will make you highly employable in a wide range of opportunities.

Associate Degree

The associate degree in psychology is designed to introduce students to the basics of this field. About 60 credits are needed to graduate from an associate degree program in psychology, which can be completed in as few as two years. This degree program covers topics such as cognition and personality, and will also teach you about psychometric tests and personality testing. Graduates of these programs find employment in a variety of areas related to social services and mental health. Some even go on to earn bachelor’s or master’s degrees within psychology or related disciplines.

Bachelor’s Degree

Psychology is a diverse field that covers everything from human behavior to mental illness and addiction. A bachelor’s degree gives you the academic foundation for future study, including a master’s and doctorate in psychology as well as related fields like counseling. Most bachelors programs offer coursework in general psychology, research methods, social and cultural foundations, and advanced topics in individual areas such as cognitive psychology or personality theory.

Master’s Degree

A Master’s Degree in Psychology provides the minimal educational qualification for counseling, administrative, and research positions in a variety of settings. A typical program includes foundational psychology classes as well as clinical experiences. Students may pick from a variety of specialties that represent their personal and professional interests, such as child psychology, forensic psychology, and sport psychology, depending on the program.

Should I major in psychology?